The Future of Patient-Centered Medical Care

The Digital 360 Health software platform allows practitioners to proactively track, assess, and treat patients between office visits.

Digital 360 Health Can Help Your Practice:

Improve the quality of patient care by empowering patients to share and obtain healthcare information, participate in decision-making, and communicate effectively with their practitioners regarding treatment outcomes.

Increase Physician Revenue

Digital 360 Health addresses the requirements to perform and bill for multiple psychological testing and assessment CPT codes that are reimbursable by insurance carriers.

Identify the Patients at Risk of Opioid Addiction

Digital 360 Health utilizes Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) validated surveys to risk stratify patients who are candidates for opioid medications.

Monitor Efficacy and Complications After Procedures

Monitor procedures on any interval basis for procedure efficacy, side effects, or complications in real-time, which are commonly needed for prior authorizations.

Monitor Patients Between Visits

Customize the alert system for specific response thresholds. Efficiently evaluate patient treatment outcomes, such as pain level, functionality, mental status, sleep patterns, progress, vital signs, and medication side effects.

Improve Office Efficiency

Send new and established patients office notifications, questionnaires, COVID screenings, pre-procedural screening for anticoagulant medications, appointment reminders, new patient questionnaires, and forms, including those that need signatures.

Improve Patient-Practitioner Communication

Patients can utilize the highly reimbursable messaging tool within the Digital 360 Health app to contact the office, markedly reducing phone calls. Send educational and instructional resources, including text, audio, or external links based upon diagnosis or procedure.

Collect The Data You Need

Digital 360 Health is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based data collection software platform remotely linking patients with their practitioners.

Create completely customizable questionnaires and validated surveys to collect Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

Collected data is interpreted and graphically displayed, assisting practitioners in managing their patients.

Gain deeper predictive healthcare insights for practitioners and staff with the remote monitoring of patients and its configurable alert.

Collect the data you need

All Your Patient Needs Is A Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

Assess patient treatment progress, pain levels, functional status, medication efficacy, medication side effects, behavioral status, post-procedural efficacy, and complications, as well as iOS and Android activity and cardiac data.

Patient App Features

  • Quickly complete surveys and questionnaires.
  • View upcoming appointments and procedures.
  • Request renewals for medications prescribed by the office.
  • Conveniently message the office and include photos if needed.
  • Access an educational resource center based on the patient's diagnosis or procedure, with images, links, and audio created by the office.
Patient App

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Digital 360 Health is customizable for all types of medical practices, inexpensive to implement, easy to set up and is readily accessible 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Find out how Digital 360 Health can help improve quality of care, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction in your medical practice.



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