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Digital 360 Health is excited to showcase the ways in which the software platform has revolutionized care within a busy pain treatment center in Hartford, Connecticut.

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This center is part of a multi-hospital system, running 13 exam rooms and one fluoroscopic suite room. Approximately 40% of their appointments per day are procedural.

These committed providers diagnose patients' sources of discomfort and provide a thorough, goal-oriented plan to minimize pain and restore functionality and quality of life.

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Enhanced Communication

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Reporting progress on goals and adjusting treatment is also a critical way communication helps patient success.

Instead of waiting until the next appointment, users can give detailed feedback on dosage changes, side effects, and pain levels. Providers can then quickly adjust as they personalize each individual's care plan and reassess.

The ability for patients to confidently ask questions and engage with providers as needed is directly correlated with improved patient outcomes. The more patients know about their health conditions, medications, and goals for treatment - the more effective the treatment.


  • Improving CSTAT

  • Increasing interactions

  • Growing practices

  • Retaining customers

Meeting Evolving Needs

Digital 360 Health worked with the practice to analyze needs and develop features that provided elegant solutions

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Convenient prescription refill requests via the Digital 360 Health patient app

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Send out surveys automatically based on new medications and dosage changes

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Customizable alerts for specific patient responses, changes, and more.

Customized Alerts

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Using alerts to monitor for certain conditions, changes, and high-risk activities, providers at the Hartford clinic can act quickly.

Appearing in real-time, alerts allow providers to quickly review the situation and implement interventions to enhance patient safety and quality of care. For example, action items could be a suicide screening that returned positive for suicidal ideation or a new set of vital signs that suggested pain.

Alerts can prompt an appointment, a referral, further testing, or an ED visit. By proactively managing symptoms, providers can step in to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Here It From Them



Avon, CT

"I love the amount of valuable data that Digital 360 Health collects from patient surveys! It helps us quickly identify patients that need additional monitoring and care. Our patients appreciate not having to call the office when they have a medical question or medication renewal."

"The Digital 360 Health platform has reduced office phone calls and paperwork. It's great! Patients always tell us how much they appreciate the Digital 360 Health app!"



Hartford, CT



West Hartford, CT

"I find the app extremely helpful! I'm not waiting on hold to request refills, ask non urgent questions, relay feedback after treatment; it allows me to ask for a return call to book an appointment. I find the response time from a nurse or scheduling is quicker using the app, thus far. I depend on calling the office for urgent care but the app has been a positive experience so far."

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